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Thank you for joining us as we journey through life with our Capuchin Soup Kitchen guests, volunteers, and partners in ministry.  Often it's easy to forget that we each have a story to tell.  Our blog is to help remind all of us that each individual at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen is a gift from God and we have much to learn from one another.  To contact us about the blog email us here:

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Healthy Environment for Growth

Br. Jerry and I frequently compare garden notes. Recently, he was pointing out some plants that were not thriving because of the poor soil.


Building Community

It has occurred to me lately how many ways people form community. I am so inspired by those who instill right relationships within family, neighborhood and city.


Belle Isle State Park Visit

The Rosa Parks Youth Peace Garden Participants just took an amazing trip to the Belle Isle State Park to visit their Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory and Belle Isle Aquarium. Our youth were amazed at how many exotics plants were in the conservatory.  We also had an amazing lunch prepared by our Conner kitchen staff and then enjoyed a huge game of freeze tag. It was a highly educational trip and a lot of fun.


Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes

I remember as a child loving to look at cook books, then, I started to buy them. Now, we store the excess in our tiny garage. I love getting packages in the mail, after all who doesn’t? It’s like a birthday present coming from a relative far away. I had joined one of those clubs where each month they send you the book of the month & other catalogues.