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Thank you for joining us as we journey through life with our Capuchin Soup Kitchen guests, volunteers, and partners in ministry.  Often it's easy to forget that we each have a story to tell.  Our blog is to help remind all of us that each individual at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen is a gift from God and we have much to learn from one another.  To contact us about the blog email us here:

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Aging Beautifully

A few days ago I was driving a man in his 60’s to a social service agency, and as we rolled up to a red light and looked to our right, we noticed a vendor selling her wares at the curb. The sign read: Everything You Need to Age Beautifully.


Mother’s Day…Gratitude and Sadness

Preparing for Mother’s Day at the Soup Kitchen took nearly all week. Our younger children designed beautiful cards and packed baskets of toiletries and granola bars for their moms and grandmas. One poignant moment occurred when a 7 year old boy got disturbed and sad while working on this project. Whispering to his table counselor, he very quietly informed her that his mother was in prison and he didn’t know what to do. For myself, Mother’s Day was delightful. I had to do some quick shopping on 8 mile and I was so moved that within the store at least 20 employees and customers wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. Deep in my heart all this past week, I’ve been remembering my own mom—deceased now for fourteen years. Devoted t o each of us, never giving up on any of us, she brought us up with faith, music, art, scouts, education, gardens and great commitment to family. My brother imagines her continuing her music in the heavens, “Somewhere beyond the stars she is probably leading a group to, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.”


His Smile Is Contagious

“Kevin” came in today to talk with me about furniture and a food order. The stout man in his late 40’s smiled from ear to ear as he mentioned that he has his place to live now. He proudly showed me his keys. The NSO (Neighborhood Services Organization) helped him get a one bedroom apartment on the west side after he had been unemployed and struggled with finding a place just to sleep.



Last Friday, Good Friday, I participated in two Good Friday marches that touched my soul deeply. Friday evening, over 400 people in my neighborhood gathered at
Gesu Catholic Church for two reasons: to honor our neighbor, Terrance Berg, a federal judge, who had been shot and wounded by two men a month ago and to take part in a walk for hope—a walk against violence.