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Showing Mercy

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Recently a man in his 60’s came to ask if he could pray with me.  When we sat down, he explained that he had hit someone in a fit of anger and landed the man in the hospital. He has felt okay, even justified for a couple of days, and had been to the hospital to visit him. Now, remorse has been filling his heart. He said, “I have prayed, but I need to pray with someone about this.” I prayed with him as he wept.

Bittersweet Poetry

Skyline of detroit, michigan from s 2014-12-07

​The older children at the Rosa Parks Program had a wonderful poetry workshop today. After discussing some favorite poems and creating several fun, silly verses, each child set to work writing lines to describe the Detroit they knew. Such a bitter sweet experience to listen to these descriptive images of Detroit from the mouth of young girls and boys.

Year of Mercy Mass with the Capuchins

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Provincial Minister Michael Sullivan sends his greetings from Rome. This morning Fr. Michael and seven other friars from the Province of St. Joseph celebrated mass with Pope Francis. Fr. Michael reports that it was a wonderful experience. “I was honored to sit in the sanctuary with him for the mass. A huge crowd of Capuchins were present.”

Soup Kitchen Families Connect with Flint Families


Mothers and grandmothers at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen spent time last week writing letters of support and care to women in Flint.

“...I am writing to you to show my condolence to your families. I will support in every way that I can all of you in the Flint community. It is so sad that this crisis had to happen and so many people and children suffer. I have family in Flint and will be a supporter of all of you until the very end.”  (just one example)

The Children’s art therapy and creativity groups at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen also made beautiful pictures of support to children in Flint regarding their terrible struggle with toxic water.