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Thank you for joining us as we journey through life with our Capuchin Soup Kitchen guests, volunteers, and partners in ministry.  Often it's easy to forget that we each have a story to tell.  Our blog is to help remind all of us that each individual at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen is a gift from God and we have much to learn from one another.  To contact us about the blog email us here:

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In Thanksgiving

“Fine Food is for everyone!” That has always been my motto.

I am so very fortunate due to our benefactors of being able to provide our guests with the best that we can afford and still be fiscally responsible, staying with in our budget. This time of thanks, that actually is year round; is particularly devoted today to one of our sales reps. This person passed away unexpectedly earlier this week.


The Beauty of Michigan’s Autumn Season

Yearly our children in the Rosa Parks Art Studio celebrate autumn in many varied and delightful ways. One of my favorite times is when they really study a leaf.


Is Your Grandmother a Saint?

I am learning that in the children’s minds there is a fuzzy line between being a saint and being a hero. Before Halloween this year, we tried to explain the origin of this day and that the original beginnings of costumes, etc. was the celebration of All Hallows Eve.


70 Pumpkins in a Parade!

Recently the children’s art therapy program had a wonderful session decorating pumpkins in preparation of the Halloween season. Each child selected a pumpkin to decorate. Eventually, a whole array of happy, sad, scary or mad pumpkins emerged