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Thank you for joining us as we journey through life with our Capuchin Soup Kitchen guests, volunteers, and partners in ministry.  Often it's easy to forget that we each have a story to tell.  Our blog is to help remind all of us that each individual at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen is a gift from God and we have much to learn from one another.  To contact us about the blog email us here:

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Sharing Job Leads

Recently a veterinary doctor asked if we had anyone at the soup kitchen who needed a job. As a result, two of the men who have been regulars and, who have been looking for work for a long time, have now been suited up in uniform and work as greeters/helpers and parking lot attendants at the clinic.


Bingham Farms Students Serving the Meal

On Monday this week about 30 4th and 5th graders moved into the Meldrum site for the afternoon and took over the serving of the noon meal. No guest had to leave the table as the students served the meals directly to them along with a drink and napkin and anything else they may have needed.



Recently, I had a lovely phone conversation with a woman interested in buying some of our children’s Christmas Cards. After she looked at the assortment on the Soup Kitchen website, she asked if we didn’t have some that were religious.


A Family of Gratitude

The memories of our recent Thanksgiving weekend are still with me. At the soup kitchen we had our annual Thanksgiving Family Prayer service.