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School Supply Event a Great Success

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Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of many people, churches, Dominican Sisters, staff and various organizations, a monumental amount of school supplies were donated to the Rosa Parks Program during August 2017

All together we were able to distribute 339 backpacks filled with school supplies. Finally, Friday afternoon, Sept. 1, we had to start packing supplies in plastic bags as we ran out of backpacks.

One of the best components of the school supply distribution was that before any supplies were given, a conversation was held with each child and their parent regarding how they were going to make education a priority this coming year. The discussions ensued with honest and worthwhile thoughts about more time on homework and reading—and less time on TV and social media.


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I, Joseph (Jose) Panakkalody, am a Franciscan Capuchin from Kerala-India. I belong to the Province of the Pavanatma (Holy Spirit) of the Capuchins. This Province spreads in the North-West of the State of Kerala. Our Province was erected around ten years back by bifurcating the St. Joseph Province of Kerala. I am here in America under a contract between the St. Joseph Province of the Capuchins in America and the Pavanatma Province back home.

People whom I meet in the Solanus Casey Center often ask me, “Did you choose to work here or did your superiors send you.” The answer is, it is the decision of my superiors that I come here and work. People who know about the Capuchin friars might know that we vow obedience to our superiors. Therefore, when one is asked to go somewhere and work he goes and when one is called back he returns home. And the next question people ask me is, “Do you like America and work here with the Capuchins?” Of course, I do; because I see the friars everywhere humane, loving and caring, and so do here.

We Want Peace, We Want Peace

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Rosa Parks Youth program recently just ended its Summer Peace Camp with an amazing graduation celebration. At the graduation, we premiered a film entitled “We Matter,” which was created by the Rosa Parks Youth program teens and the Get Ahead Stay Ahead Project.

In Solidarity With the People of Detroit

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I would like to share a statement from my Adrian Dominican Congregation of sisters. July 21, 2017, Adrian, Michigan– The General Council of the Adrian Dominican Sisters issued the following statement in solidarity with the people of Detroit.