Blog Posts from June, 2016


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Today “James” came in to let me know he was having a load of problems and wanted some help. He explained the difficulties he was facing with the court and the lack of funds, etc. Then he said, “We’re told to thank God for everything, so I thank God for my problems. You know where we’d be if we did NOT have problems, don’t you?”

Orlando, Detroit and Dublin

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It has been a troubling and painful recent time in Detroit as deaths of youth and children have again occurred. This Sunday morning as I write this, horrific news is coming from Orlando where a massive killing attack occurred early this morning. It is so easy to be overwhelmed and deeply discouraged by violence—and sometimes, I am.

Yet, as I pondered the past week, there is so much for which to be grateful. Recently, five of our present and former participants are graduating from high school. They are part of our legacy and remind us frequently of what they learned during their days in the Children’s Program.

Finding God

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Today at prayer, we read the section from 1 Kings, chap.19 where Elijah is told to see God as God passes by on the mountain. Elijah witnesses, the strong driving wind that shattered the rocks, the earthquake, and the fire. God was not there. Finally, Elijah witnessed a gentle breeze and covered his face because God was present there. So, our question to reflect on was, “Where do you find God, or where is your favorite place to find God in your daily life?” Here are some answers that guests gave:

Reflecting on the Mission of the Soup Kitchen


We recently asked a couple of employees to reflect on our mission.