Blog Posts from March, 2018

Are You in a Good Mood Today?

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I was walking down Meldrum to the soup kitchen entrance this morning when I ran into one of the guests. Our conversation went something like this:

Guest: “Good Morning, Br. Bob, I saw you on T.V.”

Me: “Did I do well?”

Guest: “Oh yes, you do so much for people. You are a kind man. Everybody should get along. God made everybody…I don’t drink, do drugs or get high.”

Me: “Good for you, brother.”

Plenty of Time


The other day, I was doing a transaction at the local gas station. It was taking an extremely long time. I was getting anxious about the long line taking shape behind me. I turned to the gentleman just behind me and told him I was sorry this was taking so long.  He replied with a smile, “I have time, I have plenty of time. Don’t you worry.” And as I was leaving, he blessed with the beautiful greeting I hear so often in Detroit, ““You be careful out there. Watch your back.”