Better to Light One Candle…

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Author: Sister Nancyann Turner

Capuchin Soup Kitchen Rosa Parks Children Program Manager

It was late afternoon just before Christmas.  As the afternoon moved into dusk I was delivering some blankets to one of our large Rosa Parks families whose furnace had died. The streets were dark, empty and few street lights were shining. Likewise, there were very few homes remaining on these east side streets. On one street there was just a single house left. Amazingly, in the front window, a beautiful Christmas candle was glowing. This so touched my heart. It was like some one was saying, “Even though this neighborhood, this street is pretty desolate, I am choosing to celebrate the season of Christmas. I am choosing to display a light for all to see. We are still here.” I felt this home—with its one window light—had blessed me and given me hope.

Later I prayed that I and all of us who serve at the Soup Kitchen can bring the light of hope to the dear people we serve. May all of us shine with hope and glow with radiant love during these darker days of winter.