I Love My Garden Kids!!

Daisies at ventnor botanic garden

Author: Sister Nancyann Turner - Capuchin Soup Kitchen Children Program Manager

A sweet thing happened this afternoon.

Last week the eight new daisies we planted in the front garden were stolen. Disappointed, I decided there would be no more new plants to be snatched away. Maybe, we should just plant thorny cactus. However, our several rose bushes have never been touched. (Too difficult to steal?) So this morning I purchased two new rose bushes to add some beauty and color to the garden.

Later, today, when the boy's garden club assembled, plans were made for planting the two new rose bushes. Eventually, one of my young ten year old gardeners, Deonte, came into my office to visit. After a new moments, he pulled out a small bouquet of roses from behind his back to give me for a present. He explained to me that they took off all the roses, so that nobody would be tempted to steal the new bushes. "Sista, we even covered them with weeds and straw so they can't be seen very well..." 

Oh, the wisdom of Detroit children...and please God, may some new rose buds come soon.