It’’s That Time of the Year!


Author: Sister Nancyann Turner - Capuchin Soup Kitchen Children Program Manager


The great big Christmas sale!

“Great gifts start on the best network

Gifts to excite, prices to delight and so on.

As I ponder the numerous invitations to buy gifts to make someone happy this season,I think of all the imagination and creativity of the children and youth at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Sure, they love to buy but even better, they love to make. I’ve loved this autumn season when they made soup from the last of the garden, decorated pumpkins without the help of a knife and designed Thanksgiving placemats for a nursing home up the street.

Now, in December, the real season of loving creation begins. The hands of our youth are busy with gift making and card designing. The creative spirit expands as Christmas ornaments are designed, and Christmas cookies are baked, decorated—and eaten.

Our mothers, also, use their hands and creative spirit to make beautiful Christmas wreaths for their doors, and design personalized Christmas stockings for each of their children. The mothers who gave birth to these precious children now give birth again to their families by creating festive meals and more important, creating an environment of peace and gratitude despite limited resources.

How blessed we are as we create with our hands and hearts.

How blessed we are when we give birth to something tender or beautiful this Christmas.