Riding Bikes Home

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Author: Denise Johnson LMSW

Shortly after Christmas, a mother came in with her children a girl aged five and a boy aged 4. She indicated that she just wanted food and clothing and realized she was too late for our Christmas program. The little girl noticed a bike for girls in my office she indicated the bike looked good and asked if she could touch it.

I indicated she could and she went over and said it looked like a nice bike and ask how much did it cost? I said that I did not know. She said it was alright because her mother could not afford to buy her a bike no matter what the cost.

I looked and there were two bikes in the office one for a girl and one for a boy. I asked the mother if it was okay for her children to have the bikes? The mother began to cry and said she did not know people could be so kind. The little girl was allowed to get on the bike and ride it to their car. The boy had the bike that made sounds and he too rode the bike out while making the sounds on it.

The faces of the mother and the children were beyond happy, and you could see the joy on their faces. The children said thank you, but seeing them riding the bikes was the real thank you.