The Cupboard is Bare

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Author: Sister Nancyann Turner - Capuchin Soup Kitchen Children Program Manager 

Last Friday, one of our mothers came visiting near the end of the day. After a brief conversation she asked if I could help her with a few dollars for food as her cupboard was bare. “Not a drop of food in the house.”

Initially, I was frustrated with her for not planning better – especially for her two children at home. However, her statement was wrenching to me. Never in my life have I lived in a place without some food available. Never have I been without a drop of food available.

Being a late Friday afternoon, all the usual food voucher services were closed for the weekend. Her situation was further complicated in that she has no transportation. Eventually, I shared a few dollars and we went shopping together across the street. At least she had enough food to get through the weekend.

However, as I thought about this encounter, I realized her cupboard was not quite bare. Despite many challenges and the murder of her son, this mother has never stopped loving her children.  In fact, this mother’s love for her children is amazing—and all her children exhibit a confidence and a spirit that loudly proclaims, “I am loved.” True, the cupboard is bare but the love is overflowing.