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Well, It Finally Happened

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For years and years I have taken the French Street exit off of 1-94 on my way to work at Conner Kitchen. Initially, I chose it over Conner because of the many beautiful trees that lined the street; a school, a church and many homes made the street a pleasant road on which to drive. Gradually, houses started deteriorating, the church discontinued and the school closed and was boarded up.

Reflecting on the Mission of the Soup Kitchen


We recently asked a couple of employees to reflect on our mission.

Soup Kitchen Families Connect with Flint Families


Mothers and grandmothers at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen spent time last week writing letters of support and care to women in Flint.

“...I am writing to you to show my condolence to your families. I will support in every way that I can all of you in the Flint community. It is so sad that this crisis had to happen and so many people and children suffer. I have family in Flint and will be a supporter of all of you until the very end.”  (just one example)

The Children’s art therapy and creativity groups at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen also made beautiful pictures of support to children in Flint regarding their terrible struggle with toxic water.

Capuchin Soup Kitchen Calendar

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Today a man, probably in his 40’s, approached me and asked me for a calendar. He was a fine man with a gentle spirit. I gave him a copy of our Capuchin Soup Kitchen calendar, and he expressed deep gratitude saying how artful the photos were. I asked if he had seen our calendar from the Capuchin Community Services in Milwaukee. I showed him a 2012 version saying it consisted mainly of portraits. He began looking at the photos and wanted to read each caption.