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Help on the Journey

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Guests at the Meldrum and Conner meal sites, as well as the Capuchin Services Center, know that a helping hand is never far away. Emergency Assistance Workers (EAW) are there to help guests discover ways to address needs, improve quality of life and find ways out of poverty. Many root causes, or a combination of them, can trigger a slide into financial hardship. Among them: lack of reliable transportation, a scarcity of good-paying entry-level jobs, exorbitant rents, high taxes and skyrocketing auto insurance rates. And sometimes “life happens.” An unexpected illness, injury or accident can bring about financial hardship.



The last two weeks our boys support group (mostly 12-year-olds) has had some deep and engaging discussions on racism. One of our very bright participants, Anthony, proclaimed that racism was finished…no longer existed. The other boys in the group challenged him intensely. “Why does a security guard always follow me when I’m in a store with my white friends?”

A Month in the Rosa Parks Youth Program


The Rosa Parks youth program is starting February off with a bang. On February 8th will we doing our 1st Fitness Friday of the year. We will have a Zumba instructor come in and teach the basic exercise move along with dance moves from all over the world.  As we well know the rise in technology has limited our youths desire to be active so this is a great opportunity for them to exercise and have fun. On February 15th IHOP is coming in to make pancakes with our kids. Ihop brings in all types of candies & toppings for our kids to decorate these huge pancakes. It will be a fun time and we thank IHOP for providing this opportunity for our youth.

Caring in action

Here at the kitchen, when someone comes into our kitchen and may have had a bad day and one of our staff go out of his/her way to help that person, I see that a lot here, it makes me working here that much enjoying what we all do here.