A lenten blessing

By Br. Bob Malloy, OFM Cap.

This morning I experienced a blitz of a blessing.  I got my tray from the counter and was looking for an empty seat where I could sit with someone, and a man greeted me, and he said: “Here let me give you this seat,” as he pulled a chair away from an empty table.  Then, he added: “I’ve been coming here for years and have always been given a warm welcome and acceptance….” Then he added with a grin that covered his whole face in spite of the mask, “I just wanted to return the favor and welcome you; I have received so much from this place.”  I thanked him and said I was looking for someone to join.  He was just leaving, so it was a short encounter.  A little bit of gratitude, or as in this case, a LOT of GRATITUDE, goes a long way.  Such a good thought for the season of Lent.