Solanus, We Are Still Here!

Author: Sister Nancyann Turner - Capuchin Soup Kitchen Children Program Manager

I was at the announcement when it as declared that Solanus Casey would officially be a blessed soon. I kept smiling as I thought of how proud and happy Br. Solanus would be that his original ministry of welcoming people has grown and grown. His spirit of hospitality has continued and extends to 6 different sites and to well over 1,500 people a day. I know he would love to visit our beautiful children and urge them to love and be kind to each other. I feel that today he would want us to work harder than ever to give all people respect and to work with commitment for justice and peace. I know he would be amazed at how diligently today's soup kitchen staff work to challenge poverty and racism–even as they continue to serve those many people still struggling for food, homes and education. And I know well that the spirit of Brother Solanus Casey continues to bless us today–day after day.