Blog Posts from June, 2019

We’ve got a good thing going!


This week three men visited from Wisconsin for two days to see what we at CSK do and how we do it. They are involved in a similar ministry in Wisconsin. They got and ear full and eye full in visiting our sites plus four other organizations that work with homeless and marginal people in the city of Detroit.

Planting Seeds of Hope & Seeds of Community

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And thus we start another garden season with the children of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. This is the 20th season of gardening for our children! The mission of the Rosa Parks Youth Program at the Soup Kitchen emphasizes education, creativity and peacemaking. The program helps youth think clearly, make choices wisely, learn alternatives to violence, and care for themselves and the entire Earth community. The Rosa Parks Peace Garden develops this mission in the practical work of gardening: reinforcing basic job skills and requirements such as timeliness, teamwork, accountability, mutual respect for co-workers and completion of tasks. It is a time of learning and of confidence building so that the children may not only obtain better jobs in the future but also keep them.