Checking up on you

By Br. Bob Malloy, OFM Capuchin

I was checking up on a friend in Wisconsin who is 102 and is carefully watching her situation at home while her nephew delivers food and necessities.  She is a marvelous person.  When I called, she said, “I should be checking up on YOU.  And how are you doing?”  After that intro, she went on to say, “Isn’t it wonderful how a time like this brings out the best in people?”  I said, “Yes, both the best and the worst (thinking of the scammers out there), and she replied, “Yes, but more so the best.”  How could I argue with a woman who has been around for more than a century?!!  So, I was thinking of the best, and two examples came to mind.  Here they are:

I’ve been talking on the phone with a couple of guests who have been having difficulties.  One has had a stroke and gets a disability check, but he has been cut off from his disability income, and he is trying to get this solved so he can take care of his bills and buy food, etc..  because of the problems revolving around the coronavirus, he keeps meeting obstacle after obstacle whenever he thinks he’ll find an opening.  He finally said to me, “Br. Bob, some years back, I’d be so angry, I would rant and rave, but with my age now and all that I’ve been through, I have decided that it doesn’t help to do that.  So, I am just going to take this a day at a time and know that somehow, some way, things will eventually work themselves out to get this mess straightened out.  Meanwhile, I’ll just be calm and do what I can.”

Here is the other one, Another man has applied for a bridge card replacement.  It was to go to the soup kitchen, but apparently had the wrong address on it.  So, he applied for another replacement.  Again, it got lost, even as we have been checking our mail daily, still no results.  At this, he said to me, “Br. Bob, I could get very angry and blast the people at the office.  I am desperate, but I know that is not the thing to do.  I’m blessed with some food right now, and I know that God has my back.  If I just do my part, God will take care of this.  I’m just hanging on tight and putting my trust in Him.”

So along with my dear 102-year-old friend, I am thinking of these challenging times and can only be inspired by her and these two guests of CSK.  Somehow, we are all in this together, and we can’t deny it, even if we try—the world won’t make it if we don’t come together and know that the best resources we have are each other.  Thanks to all of you out there who believe in what we at CSK are doing, and thanks so much for your love and support.