Author: Parina Davis-Usher

Given the issues of intolerance for differences in our country and in the rest of the world, the youth still find confidence in who they are and their contributions to society/the earth.  During a poetry workshop last year the youth were given the prompt I am then were told to write 5 lines describing who they are in relation to the world around them.  2 lines were chosen from each person to create a beautiful group poem.  The workshop made it apparent that teaching self-awareness, self-understanding, self-respect, and self-confidence is paramount if we are to make the world a better place. Through the eyes and words of our youth we realize when we learn to love and appreciate ourselves first, only then can we learn to love and appreciate each other; ultimately bringing understanding, change, and unity.

I am…

By: The Youth of the Rosa Parks Children & Youth Program

I am the sunrise shining more vibrant and differently every day.

I am a bird, I like to soar through the sky.

I am the eagle that flies high, leaving feathers behind to remind you of me. 

I am a feather in the bright sky.

I am a firefly lighting the way in the dark.

I am a garden offering pollen to fluttering butterflies.

I am a sunflower treating seeds to hungry sparrows.

I am a tulip as pretty as can be.

I am a rose beautiful and delicate.

I am a tree, I bring oxygen.

I am the flames of four colors.

I am the flame burning all evil, bringing love to the whole earth.

I am water, I help people and animals live.

I am a wild animal that stand strong and hardy. 

I am an animal that roars and protects.

I am the king of the animal kingdom.

I am a zebra, hippo, lion, tiger, monkey, giraffe, flamingo, chipmunk, penguin….

I stand in good relation to the earth.

You and I are diamonds in the sky.

You are connected to me, I am connected to you.

Guess who I am?

I am the help for millenniums, I am the universe.

I am life.