It Came Upon a DAY-light Clear

It Came Upon a DAY-light clear

On Sunday, a call came in at the monastery.  Someone was asking if he could drop off a donation at the soup kitchen.  I intended to go over anyway, so I told him I’d go and open the gate for him to get in.

He came in with his wife and daughter and pulled up to the garage.  When He got out, he said,

“Br. Bob you helped me seven years ago when I was homeless.  Now I have a job, a home and family.  I’m doing great.  I just want to give back something for what the Capuchin Soup Kitchen did for me when I was in a bad way.”

He and his family went out and bought food, clothing and household items to be given to people in need.  He never stopped smiling as he unloaded all of the things he wanted to donate—it felt so good to give back.

I still smile as I think of him and see in my mind’s eye the look that lighted up “Scot’s” face.

And, to you who help us serve people who are caught up in hard times and struggle to be free, to you, I simply say THANKS.  So does Scott and many others.

Merry Christmas!