​Light A Candle…Bury A Child…Stop The Violence


Author: Sr. Nancyann

Had another sobering day today. A gentleman came into visit me and reminded me that I had worked several years with his son about 15 years ago. I couldn’t place him until I saw his picture. The son, my former youth program participant, was 23 years old. The poor man was so bereaved. His son had just been shot and killed over on Alter Road last weekend. They are lighting candles and keeping vigil over on Alter Road and Frankfort Streets. All I could do to is cry and grieve with him.

The dad talked a lot with me about guns and how he hates them…he urged us to keep on working with youth on conflict resolution so that every fight does not end up in gun violence. I assured him that we would remember his son in our prayers and with a special plant in our memorial garden. I reassured him of our commitment to work in every way possible to diminish the violence in Detroit. It was an ironic and sad conversation in light of today being International Day of Peace. I keep asking myself…what could possibly help diminish violence in our neighborhoods?