Light Overcomes the Darkness

By Br. Bob Malloy, OFM Capuchin

It’s the third week of Advent, and we are anticipating Christmas with hope and trust.

After having breakfast with the guests, I was walking back to my office when I heard this comment come from a table where several others were sitting:

“The strength of God overpowers all of it!”

I said to myself: “Yes!!”

Later I walked back out to the dining room, and someone from that table was just leaving, so I asked if he is the one who said that.  He replied: “It was me.  That comes from God through me.”  He continued walking out with a big smile, and I said thank you. That was a message I needed to hear this morning after having listened to a guest who was very troubled and wondering if God could ever be pleased.

I think God smiled on me today, and also, I hope, on the person who felt that God just couldn’t be pleased.

May the dark days of winter open up to the overpowering light of God’s love called Emmanuel, a name that means “God With Us.