Pass the Peas Please


Author: Br. Bob Malloy

Yesterday as I was eating lunch, and the only one at the table with me had left. I was enjoying a moment of quiet, which doesn’t happen much in the dining room. Another guest, “James” whom I had not seen for a while joined me then, a delightful man in his 40’s.

As he sat down and greeted me with one of those engaging smiles, he looked at his tray and began with: “Peas today.  I hated peas when I was a child and never ate them for years. Then, when I got into a situation where I had to eat to survive, I discovered, hey these aren’t so bad. Now I really like them and enjoy the food that I thought I’d never eat again.” 

The conversation went on and he had to leave quickly to take care of some business. I smiled to myself and wondered what food I hadn’t eaten for some time. Maybe I should try liver one more time! In any case, the table of the Lord calls for gratitude, no matter what food is on it. James reminded me of that.