Value Added Products

When seasonally available, Earthworks may have honey, jam, and handbalm available for sale. Please call or email to learn availability. (313.579.2100, ext. 2204) Through these products, we hope people become more familiar with the work Earthworks is doing and the importance of local products and food preservation.

HONEY- Our bees collect pollen and nectar from Detroit flowers, our vegetable plants and turn them into sweet honey. We bottle the honey in 9-fluid-ounce jars. Through beekeeping, we learn about and share the importance of bees in the daily lives of each of us.

JAM- Each year, our volunteers pick hundreds of pounds of berries from our gardens. The grapes, gooseberries, black and red raspberries, elderberries, and currants are harvested with love and are turned into jam during fall jam making sessions. In this process, we develop a greater understanding of how buying locally produced products will create a more just world for all.

Jam and honey are available at our garage at 1264 Meldrum, Detroit. Please call or email to learn availability. (313.579.2100, ext 2204)