Capuchin Services Center

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The Capuchin Services Center assists 228,000 of our Detroit neighbors annually with emergency food and clothing.

The Center features a 'shoppers' choice' food pantry to resemble a small grocery store, complete with reach-in freezers and coolers, vegetable and fruit islands, bread and pastry racks.  Each guest is granted a designated number of pounds of food, based on family size. Non-perishable items and frozen meats are included in the allotted pounds; but fresh vegetables, dairy items, bread and other perishable foods are not. Those items are available to consumers over and above their weight total. Rather, they are available without limitation. The food pantry distributes more than 10,000 pounds of food each day.

The clothing distribution area provides a "retail" feel to the shopping experience and distributes over 1,700 articles of clothing each day. 

It also distributes appliances for families reestablishing households after a fire or a stay in a shelter. There are no geographic eligibility criteria; however, all recipients of service are interviewed by an emergency assistance worker. Identification must be provided for all individuals for whom assistance is requested. Families are eligible for food assistance every thirty days, and receive sufficient food to provide for a family of four for a week. A typical food package contains ten pounds of meat, canned and boxed dry goods, fresh produce and fruit.

Case management services are provided by degreed social workers, and support groups are offered for mothers and grandparents raising grandchildren.

Donations of food, clothing and appliances and furniture in good condition are gratefully accepted. Gently used clothing, clean and in good condition are needed for men, women, and children. At the present time, we have a greater need for children's and men's clothes, along with plus-sized clothing.