Blog Posts from March, 2016

Showing Mercy

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Recently a man in his 60’s came to ask if he could pray with me.  When we sat down, he explained that he had hit someone in a fit of anger and landed the man in the hospital. He has felt okay, even justified for a couple of days, and had been to the hospital to visit him. Now, remorse has been filling his heart. He said, “I have prayed, but I need to pray with someone about this.” I prayed with him as he wept.

Bittersweet Poetry

Skyline of detroit, michigan from s 2014-12-07

​The older children at the Rosa Parks Program had a wonderful poetry workshop today. After discussing some favorite poems and creating several fun, silly verses, each child set to work writing lines to describe the Detroit they knew. Such a bitter sweet experience to listen to these descriptive images of Detroit from the mouth of young girls and boys.