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Tragedy, Promise and Hope


As we move into colder months, much of our programming is looking more and more like “normal” but the upcoming cold weather brings its own ominous problems.

You could savor the tender loving care

Yesterday I passed one of our employees in the kitchen who was very carefully lining up slices of bread on a metal sheet pan, and she was so concentrating on getting them just right, I said: “You do that with such care, I would think they are your babies!!”  She replied: “Yes, I am very careful.  I know that someone will be eating these, and I like to think that if I were eating them, I’d like them to be right and not just thrown together.  If I appreciate good food, I know others do too.”

It was in her voice

I learned last week that “John,” one our guests of CSK was in the hospital and near death with the COVID-19 virus and underlying conditions.  He had put my name down as an emergency contact.  Had I not been listed for contact, I’d have never known.

Checking up on you

I was checking up on a friend in Wisconsin who is 102 and is carefully watching her situation at home while her nephew delivers food and necessities.  She is a marvelous person.  When I called, she said, “I should be checking up on YOU.  And how are you doing?”  After that intro, she went on to say, “Isn’t it wonderful how a time like this brings out the best in people?”  I said, “Yes, both the best and the worst (thinking of the scammers out there), and she replied, “Yes, but more so the best.”  How could I argue with a woman who has been around for more than a century?!!  So, I was thinking of the best, and two examples came to mind.  Here they are: