Never forget these words

By Br. Bob Malloy, OFM Cap.

The other day I took a man to the Capuchin Services Center for clothing.  He is still recovering from serious cancer surgery.  He had a hard time finding the size of pants that would fit him, having lost a lot of weight.  When I looked for him, he was sitting and exhausted.  I took him home with the clothing, and he asked for one can of peaches.  I swiped that out of a food order that I was delivering to another person who has a disability.  Later in the day, he left me a phone message.  His voice limited and labored, he said: “Thank you.”

That was it.  

When I took him to view the body of his brother recently, he called the day after the funeral with a similar message: “I wanted to call last night after the funeral, but I was just too tired.  Thank you.”  That was the message.

I was touched by his patience with the effects of cancer on his worn body, and it reminded me of the emphasis Blessed Solanus put on gratitude.  This man, who has so little, and didn’t even get all that he needed, thought enough to say two words in a message: “Thank you.”  It reminds me to never forget to say those two words, no matter how small the favor.  What a blessing it is to be in the presence of such good people!