The Ending of Something Very Special


Author: Sr. Nancyann

I can hardly believe it! After 20 years serving at the Rosa Parks Program of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, today is my last official day.

These 20 years of ministry at the Conner  Kitchen have truly changed my life, broadened my vision, delighted my heart and given new depths to my soul. I have discovered much about poverty and racism.  I have learned to lament and to rejoice, to bless and to be blessed, to journey and to let go.  Even during times of struggle and grief at the kitchen, I know I  have loved and embraced every day and each child.
It has been a blessing and a privilege to accompany so many loving children and families in the Rosa Parks program. I have been inspired and strengthened over and over by this community. Peace, creativity and reverence for life has been the foundation of all our efforts with the children and their families.
All week long I have been saying Good Bye. I have wished blessings on the children, the staff, the volunteers and all kitchen guests with hugs and great prayers of gratitude. My official work has ended but as I told each child this week, "You will always be in my heart. I will never forget you."
I would like to end with the wonderful poet, Mary Oliver. Read her poem here.