You could savor the tender loving care

By Br. Bob Malloy, OFM Cap.

Yesterday I passed one of our employees in the kitchen who was very carefully lining up slices of bread on a metal sheet pan, and she was so concentrating on getting them just right, I said: “You do that with such care, I would think they are your babies!!”  She replied: “Yes, I am very careful.  I know that someone will be eating these, and I like to think that if I were eating them, I’d like them to be right and not just thrown together.  If I appreciate good food, I know others do too.” 

Today I ate one of the sandwiches that she was preparing: grilled reuben sandwiches on rye.  And, it was very delicious.  I could even taste the TLC with which it was made.  She is a hard worker, and inspired me with the care and respect she exercised in her work.  Not seeing the people who are coming to receive the meals, she still keeps in mind the people who will be eating and enjoying what she is so carefully preparing.  What a blessing!  And no wonder the finished product tasted so good!!