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International Day of Peace Special Prayer Service Was a Blessing!

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The evening at the St. Bonaventure chapel in Detroit gathered a cross section of people from various faiths, cultures and environments.

A Pearl of Great Price

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Today, I visited with a mom who was going to pawn her wedding ring so that she could pay rent rather than face eviction. (Unknown to her, the husband stopped paying the rent several months ago due to a drinking issue.) She was determined to keep her son in a safe place.

A Jolly Good Egg

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How do baby chickens dance? Chick-to-chick! What do you call an egg white with cowboy boots? A western omelette! Well, if you haven’t figured out yet, this is about chickens & eggs. So, without further ado; I recently read that McDonald’s will stop buying eggs from chickens that are kept in cages. Great news, right?

The Joy of the Gospel

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Recently the four of us Capuchin friars who work with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen (Br. Jerry, Br. Ray, Bro Joe, and I) went to Wisconsin to participate in a workshop of four days dealing with Pope Francis’ book, The Joy of the Gospel. Besides taking the workshop, we four facilitated one full morning of the four days with an emphasis on our ministry with people who are poor and those who come to the Soup Kitchen. One of the comments of Pope Francis is that he wants a church that is poor for the poor.