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Increasing my own gratitude

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I think Thanksgiving must be a difficult time for those who feel bereft or abandoned. I remember my first thanksgiving prayer with the children at the Soup Kitchen. Brother Ray and I had worked hard to promote prayers of gratitude among the children. One distraught 9 year old girl shouted out, “I ain’t thankful for anything. I don’t even know who my daddy is.”

Community Gifts

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This morning when we were at prayer with some of the guests of the soup kitchen, we focused on the gifts we each bring to the community. One person commented on his gift of hospitality and then remarked that coming to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen was a different experience.

Public Steps Up in Support of Capuchin Soup Kitchen at Annual Fundraiser Dinner

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Our mission at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit is “to tend to people’s basic needs, especially the need for food; stimulate minds and nourish spirits, and work to understand and address root causes of social injustice.” We do not receive any government funding; we rely on the generosity of others.

Our largest fundraising event, the SOCK dinner, was held last Friday evening at Cobo Center. And oh, what a night it was! It was an evening of compassion and understanding for others.

Children’s Program Autumn and Halloween Festivities - Donations Needed


We have created a number of art therapy project themes related to the Autumn and Halloween season. The younger children designed four pumpkins each with different feelings. We had a lot of fun making sad, mad, scared and happy pumpkins. We talked a lot about feelings and that feelings are not bad; they are good clues, in fact. But sometimes, what we do with our feelings gets us in trouble.