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Thanksgiving Day 2018 is coming

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Thanksgiving provides a time to spend with those we love, and also a time to give something of ourselves.


One of the values of our Mission and Values Statement is that of partnering. We partner with other agencies to better serve our guests. We partner with other CSK programs and departments to better serve our guests, and we partner with those that we work closely with every day to better serve our guests.

​Light A Candle…Bury A Child…Stop The Violence


Had another sobering day today. A gentleman came into visit me and reminded me that I had worked several years with his son about 15 years ago. I couldn’t place him until I saw his picture. The son, my former youth program participant, was 23 years old. The poor man was so bereaved. His son had just been shot and killed over on Alter Road last weekend. They are lighting candles and keeping vigil over on Alter Road and Frankfort Streets. All I could do to is cry and grieve with him.

Joyful service


Volunteers at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen reflect the Capuchin core value of joyful service through their willingness to offer something of themselves to their sisters and brothers.